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Challenges with your work tools?

Are challenges in your business keeping you up at night in terms of your tools (computers, smartphones, and tablets) impacting your business operations, sales, and productivity?

We help small businesses with virtual house calls with sick computers by assessing the causes, implement treatments/solutions, and bring the computer back to healthy productivity, performance, and reliability to improve your business operations, reduce expenses, and improve your bottom line

Professional computer service you can count on!

We opened our doors in 1994 to help, serve, teach, and inspire our clients, associates, and communities as a resource they can turn to for help and advice. Our doors are also open in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto with our dedicated service professionals to serve our clients in person.
We assist clients in Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia by virtual remote assistance.
We’re always expanding our virtual remote support services to clients across Canada, United States, as well as Internationally.

COVID-19 update:
Computer Age Service Enterprises works alongside with our dedicated service reps in the Greater Vancouver area, Calgary, and Toronto for contactless pickup and delivery of computer(s) for in lab services and in-person service and support will commence when it’s safer and the covid 19 cases are more stabilized for the health and safety of our service reps.



Who Make House Calls


Preventive maintenance

That keeps your Computers and Network running flawlessly 


Reasonable & transparent pricing

That keeps you in control and eliminates guess-work


We can fix and maintain all computer sizes & types as well as other equipment like Wireless Routers etc.

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Computer Healthcare Plans

Pro-active Monthly and Annual Maintenence & Support Plans to give you Peace of Mind and takes care of all the updates and important applications (like Back-up, Security Anti-virus etc.)

PCs and Macs

We service all types of computers and Operating Systems including Windows & Mac OS 


Server Maintenance, Updates/Upgrades and Support

Application Support

Anti-virus, Internet security, Backup Software, Microsoft Office and More

Network Setup

Set-up & Configuration of Wired and Wireless networks/Routers

Computer Repair


Network Setup

Network Set-up & Configuration

Reliable technical support

Wherever you are! We’ll come to you (Virtually) and face-to-face when needed!

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Give us a call to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technical specialists.
BC: 604-435-8254
Toll-Free: 1-855-639-4449

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We’ll make sure your computer systems and technology are running smoothly, so you can focus on running your business. 

We Work Fast

With reps available in every province and time zone, we can be with you as quickly as you need.

Meet Some of Our Associates


edward the computer doctor

Edward Lissack (The PC Doctor!)


  • Computer Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Windows
  • MS Office
  • Networking
  • Training
Ted Grove

Ted Grove

Associate – Alberta

  • Computer Repair
  • Windows and Mac
  • Networking
Amr The Internet Guy

Amr Selim (The Internet Guy!)

Associate – British Columbia

  • Networking
  • Websites & Hosting
  • Email/Gmail/Microsoft 365

Comprehensive Computer Services

Expertise that you can trust!

Our dedicated team of customer support representatives and technical specialists are here for the long term. We strive to continue helping, serving, sharing, and teaching a broad range of clients for many years to come. In keeping with the advancement of technology and computer systems, our mission and intention is to offer up-to-date services in both locations utilizing remote technical support as well as in-person support

Years of Experience

Computers Fixed

Provinces Served

Service Reps

Don’t just take our Word for it!

Here are some examples of what our computer patients are saying about our services


Edward Lissack and his company, Computer Age Service Enterprises, have provided Haynes Law Firm with on-site computer support for over 20 years. During our time of working with Edward, he has proven to be a highly competent, efficient, and dependable service provider. He has provided us with an array of support services including computer servicing, computer repair, virus protection, and hardware upgrades. Edward and his team are punctual, trustworthy, and they portray absolute professionalism at all times. Edward is committed to excellence in whatever task he provides to his customers.
I am, therefore, pleased to recommend Edward Lissack and Computer Age Service Enterprises, without reservation

P. H.

Haynes Law Firm

Computer Age Services is the only company I rely on to have the answers, fix the problem promptly, and suggest preventative measures that make sense to me. They do all this keeping in mind the cost factor. I have an annual plan that allows me very liberal time of consultation and troubleshooting which has been very beneficial to me. I totally rely on Edward’s knowledge and expertise in all aspects of computers!

Barbara Y.


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